Paperless Benefits

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Paperless Benefits

WPS Health Solutions has developed a paperless process that current registered providers who chose to “go paperless” find very efficient and easy to use. We encourage you to consider this option as well!

When choosing to “go paperless” you will receive all Explanation of Benefits and correspondence (letters) electronically in the secured portal. You will be notified via email when you have a new Explanation of Benefits or correspondence. The email will include a link to the document located in the Secure Message Center for you to view, print or download.

What are the benefits?

  • Faster processing times when information is required- You will get electronic notification that information is needed to process a claim to payment and you can submit the information through the website. 
  • Post payments quicker- You do not have to wait for a paper Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to be mailed and processed through the mailroom. You have instant access to the information needed to post the payments to the correct patient records. 
  • Environmentally friendly- No need to print paper EOB’s. You will automatically have them available electronically.
  • More cost efficient- No need to send documents back and forth via standard mail. All communication can be done electronically. 

How do I “go paperless”?

The administrator for each location will receive a prompt to choose paperless or continue to receive documents via standard mail the first time that they log into the new website. If there is more than one administrator for a location, the prompt will go to the first one that logs in.

I am the administrator

If you are an administrator and do not receive the prompt, then go to the Administration tab on the top right hand side of the site. From there find the location you want to “go paperless” and select View Location Details. You will then see a tab labeled Paperless Preference. You can update your preference here.

Someone else is the administrator

You will need to contact the administrator for your location and they will make the preference update for your location. To find out who the administrator is go to the Administration tab on the top right hand side of the site. Find the location and select View Location Details. You will then be directed to the page that displays the administrator’s username and contact information. Please contact them for assistance.  

What if I change my mind?

If you are the administrator, your paperless preference setting can be changed at any time in the future through the Administration section of your account.

Thank you for considering paperless!

WPS Health Solutions wants to thank you for considering the paperless option. We trust you will find our paperless process to be a very efficient way of doing business!

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