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Learn Flag Etiquette for Flag Day
Last updated Jun 13 2019 Home_Back_To_News

Do you know proper flag etiquette? Prepare yourself for Flag Day by finding out more.

Flag Day is June 14, a perfect time to brush up on flag etiquette.

The Flag Code offers formal guidelines for how the United States flag should be treated. Here are some of the key do’s and don’ts.


  • Display the flag from sunrise to sunset outdoors. If it is displayed at night, it should be illuminated.
  • When on a single staff, place the U.S. flag above all others.
  • On special days, such as Memorial Day, flags may be flown at half-staff.
  • Raise the flag briskly and lower it slowly.
  • When saluting the flag, persons in uniform and veterans should give a military salute. Others should remove headwear and place their right hand over the heart.
  • When storing the flag, fold into the traditional triangle for storage.


  • Touch the flag to the ground.
  • Dip the flag for any person or thing. 
  • Fly the flag upside down except as a distress signal.
  • Use the flag for advertising purposes.
  • Use the flag as part of clothing.
  • Attach any kind of mark or insignia to the flag or alter it.
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