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American Red Cross: The Importance of Donating Blood
Last updated May 19 2017 Home_Back_To_News

Donating blood is a vital way to help save lives.

Along with helping save lives, there are a number of reasons why donating blood is important.

  1. A single donation can save three lives. One blood donation provides different blood components that can help up to three different people.
  2. Blood cannot be manufactured. Despite medical and technological advances, blood cannot be made, so donations are the only way we can give blood to those who need it.
  3. Blood is needed every two seconds. Nearly 21 million blood components are transfused in the U.S. every year.
  4. Only 37 percent of the country’s population is able to donate blood.
  5. Your friends or family may need your blood someday.

For more facts and statistics visit redcrossblood.org.

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